Friday, April 26, 2002

Things as a famous hair stylist to the stars you may
not want to leave in a cab for someone to find:

(luckily just 'honest abe' me found it but still...)

-Imac AOL username/password
-driver's license & SS card
-bank account numbers & ATM passwords
-your family members home phone numbers
-photo of you as a 7 year old boy
-home address info and private cel phone #'s
of Sandra Bullock, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Cattrell,
Uma Thurman, Kim Bassinger, etc.
-Discount cards for major spas in LA & NY
every biz card from every major model in the
fashion world
-date book reading things like 'Lunch with
Vincent Gallo on Thursday' or 'GQ photo
shoot-LA' or 'Meeting with Madonna's people

Things you say as a famous hair stylist to
the stars to someone who finds your stuff in a cab:

"Let me tip you!"
"I owe you my life, honey!"
"Well, if you won't take money -how about a
free haircut out of this!"
"Whatever you want-name it!"

Monday, April 15, 2002

Ad Posted 4.10.02 - 4.15.02

Any unavailable person possible (emotional or otherwise)
that has had anything to do with my past or present life and
has absolutely no interest in it's future what so ever-please
contact me AT ONCE and all within the same week if you can
and / or better yet...let me contact you and whatever you do
don't call me back. Also be sure to mention all your gigantic
accomplishments (creative or otherwise) or nevermind actually
let me just read about them on your web site or in a magazine.
And after that (ha ha ha) sure to send me the bill for how
much it's going to cost to get you all out of my head where you
run like a loop tape -craving a life I never wanted. Best.

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