Friday, January 17, 2003


The other night I was invited by a pal for
fancy sushi. I was very excited because
I looked forward to seeing her and well…
it was on her company's bill.

When she said, 'Meet you at Blue Ribbon
Sushi' which is quite fancy in it's own right
for some reason I got in my head we were
actually going to New York's famous and
most fancy sushi joint 'Nobu'. Despite the
'BLUE RIBBON SUSHI' sign out front and
the 'BLUE RIBBON SUSHI' written in giant
letters on the menu I managed to tell a
number of very jealous people for days
after that I in fact ate at Nobu. It wasn't
until last night when I pulled out from
my jacket the 'BLUE RIBBON SUSHI'
pen that I stole from the restaurant did I
realize the extent of my denial.

E tells me that the next time he orders Fish
& Chips from the stand near his office he plans
to tell me he ate at the Blue Water Grill.

I guess that is what I get for stealing a pen.


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