Sunday, February 09, 2003

Breakin' Up Is Hard To Do

Last night I attended my friend's birthday party.
At the end of the night her dick boyfriend dumped
her-yes on her birthday.

Getting dumped sucks. I was super dumped once
by my high school boyfriend of a few years. I was
going to college eight hours away and he was off
to Vassar where the girl to guy ratio was in his favor.

The summer after the big dump he brought the girl
home to our small town. People asked, 'Wow. Are
you two back together?' everywhere I went because
she and I looked so much alike. And as if that wasn't
bad enough I constantly ran into the two of them
driving around in their VW bug or walking hand and
hand around town. Once I ran into them rolling in the
surf at our favorite beach -her in a tiny white bikini-
him golden tan and me…well me in charge of
babysitting two bratty kids and carrying a giant
blow up dolphin raft under one arm. This love stuff
can really be so cruel.


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