Monday, February 03, 2003

Sugar Rehab

One time in junior high I came home to find
a bag of chocolate covered espresso beans
in the kitchen. I was very excited. We were
not allowed to eat any candy or cereal or
anything with sugar on it growing up so you
can imagine my delight.

Unfortunately I was like a crack addict and
was not able to stop at one or two. Before I
knew it I had eaten the entire bag until my
mouth was literally numb and my heart was
beating so fast that I was convinced I was
going to die.

My mom came home and found me in bed
sweating up a storm and chanting, 'I think
I 'm going to die..' repeatedly. She thought
I was on drugs until I pointed to the ground
at the empty bag of espresso beans.

Today, someone brought chocolates from
Geneva to the office. I can honestly say I've
eaten about twenty of them. Help. I think it's
time for sugar rehab again.


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