Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Award Winning Material

It just occurred to me today that now
that I’m an adult-having blundered my
way through a number of inconsistent
professions, that I no longer win or
receive any awards, medals, ribbons
or certificates of any sort rewarding
me in any way for my small talents,
contributions or achievements in life
despite how random or tiny they are.

When you are a kid, it seems every
corner you turn there is an opportunity
to be ‘Best Reader’, ‘Fastest Potato
Sack Race Racer’ or the chance to
receive a certificate congratulating
you on joining the JV Field Hockey
team or for merely contributing your
sea shell project to this year's science
fair -even if you didn't win.

Awards are small victories. They are
things I think we are missing as hard
working serious adults. I can still recall
the glazed but proud look in the eyes
of my parents as they sawed away at
their rubbery Chicken Cordon Bleu at
our small town restaurant 'Porky's' and
clapped as their daughter in a peach
striped sweater and zig zag earrings
walked up to accept the John Phillips
Sousa Award for her outstanding
contribution in musical achievement.
Now that my friends is award winning


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