Wednesday, March 12, 2003

When Meat Patties Save The Day

So I’m totally diggin' the new job but gotta
say the location pretty much stinks. When
I step outside my office door I am immediately
surrounded by tourists with ‘Le Chateau’ bags
as well as a plethora of fast food joints to
choose from. Each day I walk the streets
in a hunger rage holding out as long as I
can before I succumb to a White Castle in
a last ditch attempt to fill my belly.

Today I discovered something amazing.
I found (just a few steps from my office)
three Jamaican bike messengers chillin’,
drinkin’ Ting and eating what appeared
to be some tasty looking meat patties
outside a tiny, brightly painted hole in
the wall place with a modest sign that
read, Golden Krust Patties, Inc. –“Home
Of The World’s Best Patties’.

Can I just confirm…having both lived and
worked in Jamaica long enough to develop
an opinion… that the Coco bread, Roti and
Meat and Veggie patties at Golden Krust
Patties, Inc. are damn good! I actually
wanted to order everything on the menu
but by the time I got to the end of my patties
I thought I might explode.

On a side note, here are two things I totally
tolerate from a typical Jamaican eatery
that anywhere else I may have a total
meltdown over:

-A line to order food forming yet apparently
not moving at all for a long period of time.
No sign of said line moving yet customers
waiting on line not seeming to care nor the
employees that work there.

-When placing order, not able to hear
person working at counter because music
is so this case Reggae.


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