Thursday, April 10, 2003

The Bitch

Last night I left work tired from yelling at more men.
Actual conversation that went down yesterday:

Me: “Hello, is this Levi?”

Levi: “Yes. Who’s calling?”

Me: “Levi, this is K calling. You were supposed to deliver
my highly over priced office chairs last Friday…I’ve left you
about seven messages…what’s the deal??”

Levi: “Oh…um…actually…Levi isn’t here right now…’


Me: “Dude. You are so full of crap. I totally know this is you
Levi and I’m sick of your bullshit. My boss is freaking out
about these chairs and you have until tomorrow by 9:00am
to deliver them. And I'm not kidding.”

Levi: “Um…ok…sorry about that…I thought you were someone


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