Monday, April 28, 2003

Interns- "Wait...what?"

I'm a big fan of interns. Always have been. They are cute
and enthusiastic and yet still manage to drive me insane
with their endless, 'what's our fax number again?' type
questions or blank stared "Wait...what?" type responses
to any detailed instructions involving more than ten words.

Things as an intern you prob want to remember:

-When boss says, 'Can you please run this errand but
try and hurry back here because today is really busy.'
don't spend two hours (literally) going to every Duane
Reade in America finding that one thing on your list.
For god's sake please PLEASE come back.

-When you go on said errand, please be sure to
TAKE THE MONEY you will need to run this "very
quick" errand so we can avoid wasted time and
any calls from you from a pay phone getting me
out of a meeting so I can let you in because you
also forgot your office key.

-When you get the phone please don't tell clients the
Prez of the company "just woke up and should be in
at any moment"

-When buying flowers for the office, please don't buy
$40 worth of dead tulips-and I mean dead.

-If you see a client slip on a pool of spilt water-WIPE
UP THE WATER so as to avoid any future mishaps
or lawsuits instead of waiting for me to tell you to do it.

-Please don't make a large number of COLOR copies
of what should be black and white fax cover sheets
with our logo. ($$$)

And finally-if you remove trash bag liners from all of the
45 trashcans we have in the studio. PLEASE replace

I know it's a lot to ask...


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