Wednesday, April 23, 2003

More Deep Thoughts

Do you ever buy an overpriced pair of jeans that look
dumpy on you? The kind where you stand in front of
the mirror in the dressing room and turn around in
them 7,000 times to be sure they don't totally look
dumpy on you and even though the voice inside you
screams 'you look like you have a load in your pants'
it isn't quite loud enough to silence the sound of your
credit card purchasing the very same jeans you end
up bringing home to your bathroom where you turn
around in them again 7,000 more times in 'better
light' (?) just to be sure they are in fact ok before
you rip the tags off which you eventually do and go
to bed after some chips and a beer and wake up,
throw on the jeans and say FUCK IT. I can't believe
I fucking look like I have a load in my pants. Cha

Can anyone relate? Anyone?


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