Monday, May 26, 2003

Secret Gym Member Only VIP Room Complete
With Ice Cream Sandwiches

So back to this gym thing...I've gone four times
this week which seems slightly manic for a gal
that was so anti-gym. But it's like a streak of
crazy luck-I've ended up going at wierd hours
and the sweet although overly tanned girl working
the front desk just waves me through for free as
if to say, 'see non-going gym girl-people that go
to the gym get rewards like this-free admission'.
Is this some sort of marketing scam to make be
become a member? Just curious because I'll
take it. I've started to like the smell of the towels.
Today I used the blowdryer on my wet from the
rain Pumas. I even checked out my ass in the
mirror while actually on the treadmill. Yes. It's
possible that things are getting scary.

Do you think there is actually a back room to all
gyms that is a VIP gym members only lounge of
sorts-complete with junk food like cheese Combos
Pizza Pockets and ice cream sandwiches? And
inside the special room you can smoke and there
is a full bar and no matter what the season is they
have the heat on full blast so whenever anyone
exits they come out in a full sweat? Just curious.
If only I spent this much time on thinking about
my career.


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