Thursday, May 01, 2003

Summer School

One summer I had to attend summer school. Believe me
when I tell you it really sucked. It was a complete and total
John Hughes cliche. While my friends were drinking beer
on the beach, I was stuffed into a hot, yellow school bus
with windows that wouldn't go down, being driven 45
minutes there and back through strip mall hell. The only
highlight of the experience was our bus driver Dolores,
a large woman who on the day I met her was wearing a,
'Don't Mess With This Sister' T-shirt and carrying a
gigantic 'boom box' blasting Queen Latifah which she
placed on the dash. The last day of summer school,
Dolores lit up a cigarette and let us all smoke on the
bus too. She even stopped off at McDonalds under
the condition we didn't 'tell our parents'. It doesn't
seem like much now but at the time it felt like total


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