Monday, May 26, 2003

That Person

I'm pretty sure you too know 'that person', the kind that
when you ask how they are they never say, 'shitty actually
-pretty shitty'. All you want them to say is the occasional,
'things are shitty thanks and how about you?'. But no.
Instead when you ask how they are they say 'great!' and
before you know it you have been given a chapter of their
new screenplay that's just been signed with Miramax and
you are hearing about how much vacation time they have
and how they can't decide between the house on the Cape
or the place in Vermont and then you hear how wild it was
that they ran into an old roommate from Harvard recently
who it turned out was in the very same Cambodian cooking
class -small world-not to mention the old roommate had
actually read about their promotion in the New York Times.
For fucks sake people throw me a bone would ya?


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