Friday, June 20, 2003


When Laura Holder talks about her dreams they are very funny. Me, I'm not a dreamer as much as a talker. I'll sit up in bed in the dark or anwser the phone all the while sounding very, very alert when really not. Something always gives it away though. I'll be going on in the conversation and then say something very odd. My roommate once called from a bar asking if I wanted to join her and dead asleep I said, 'When you get need to push play on the anwsering machine.'

Most recently, E sat at the edge of the bed when he came home and said, 'How are you?' thinking I was wide awake. I said, 'I'm good but I missed you this week. I had a lot of cute outfits.'

YOU'RE More Than Donuts?????

I've been attending a lot of parties these days with blog and
fotolog type people. I have to say it's been a lot of fun despite
the dork fest that it is (this dork included). People introduce
themselves as their blog or fotolog name which is quite funny.
Last night I had the pleasure of meeting a bunch of great people
who I'd link to now if I wasn't so damn lazy. Did you know that
many people thought this here KDunk was a guy?

Thursday, June 19, 2003

It’s Raining (Again)

On rainy days I think about art. Today I am dreaming of sunny
San Diego and am thinking about how I’ve never been there. If
I had a million bucks I would go for the weekend and check out
one of my favorite artists Andy Goldsworthy currently showing at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Also on the brain is the work of Andrea Zittel I recently caught a PBS biography on Andrea that was very good. Part of the biography featured Andrea in her studio home in Brooklyn which I’ve had the pleasure of visiting a few times. Andrea works in themes. One summer she raised chickens. Another time she wore only smocks. For one month she drank out of glass bowls.
Strange-yes but I am inspired by Andrea’s confidence to jump from interest to interest with no regrets. She seems only able to do this because she produces something of substance before moving to the next.

Ok. Now back to replacing the toner in the office fax machine.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

(sniff sniff-one of my first photos taken w/the camera)

Camera Gone

Yup. Left my camera somewhere-in a cab, on a garbage can-I
can't remember where or when. All I know is that I was in such
a rush yesterday and my sweet little baby Canon Powershot
S330 Digital Elph is gone. This really sucks. Not only was it a
thoughtful and expensive gift from someone but I am just a
few weeks from going to Spain where I planned to go to town
on taking photos. It sounds dumb but I've really had such a
growth in confidence as result of this camera. I am even going
to be featured in a small article next month in a German photo
magazine talking about the camera and linking it to my site.
Oh well. As a wise woman once said, 'On To The Next'.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Dear Cat Advice Person-

Each morning, noon and night 'my' cat Jane feels the need to
stand by the basement door and meow and meow and meow
and meow and meow and meow as if her life will end should I
not open the door to the basement to let her down. There is
an open window down there so this is why I do not open the
door. But why is this happening? What is down there that a
cat could possibly want? Some old college yearbooks? Financial
papers to be gone through? Lumber? I am pretty sure there
are no mice so then what? Any advice you could offer would
be greatly appreciated.

Monday, June 16, 2003

My Opinion Is...

I don't share my opinion enough on things. I never
generate a conversation based on some interesting
thing I've just read or heard about and I read and
hear about plenty of interesting things...or do I? I
always wait for someone else to initiate the convo
and then I chime in with the occasional, 'Wow-that's
interesting.' Better yet, I throw questions back at
the person who is talking so I can stall while I think
of what I want to say. Sometimes I just stall so I
don't have to think. This strikes me as being very
writer like-observe first communicate later. I'd like
to practice being more in the moment-less cautious.

Feel free to leave me comments on general topics or
specific things you want my opinion on. I need the

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Car Salesmen-They Are Who You Think They Are

Recently I had the not so much pleasure of being
smushed next to two car sales men on a plane ride
to Florida. They had Chicago accents (da bears)
and each wore a pair of tight, satin, black pants
with tight, silver unbuttoned shirts exposing plenty
of gold jewelry. When they first sat down they stared
at my chest and said, 'Well lucky us! Sitting next to
the cutest gal on the plane!' to which I ignored them
and kept my face buried in my book. 'I guess she
didn't hear me.' one whispered loudly to the other.

For most the ride they exchanged photos of cars.
After that they exchanged sales conference gossip
about guys named Jimbo and Dale. After a few drinks
each shared a story ending in the phrase 'then I got
her from behind!' followed by an explosion of creepy

At one point one guy nudged the other when the TV
above showed footage of the mass destruction of
Hussein's palace. 'What an idiot, huh? Look at
everything he gave up...and just for being a pussy.'

Monday, June 09, 2003

I Scare Twelve-Year-Old Boys

When visiting my Uncle in Florida this weekend
I got a chance to hang out with my younger boy
cousin Maya who is ten. Maya's friend Sammy
came over to hang out. Sammy is twelve. When
my uncle asked Maya to invite Sammy to dinner
Maya said Sammy didn't want to come. 'Why not?'
asked my Uncle. Maya was quiet for a second and
then turned to look at me and said,

'Because he thought you were weird.'
'Weird? Me?'
'What do you mean weird?' I asked.
'I dunno...he said you seemed a little off.' (exact words)

Thursday, June 05, 2003

Hold On Girl

I'm not a small girl nor a large girl. Yet no matter
what my frame, there still seems no excuse for the
actions that occur when I merely remove my hand
from the subway pole for a nanosecond to blow my
nose and as a result of a short but severe train swerve
am jet propelled across the subway car and within
seconds am flailing my arms wildly in hopes to cling
to any sedentary object or closest thing to it which
happened this morning to be the lower leg of a very
surprised Wall Street banker man wearing canary
yellow pants.

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Hand Crusher People

What's up with hand crushing people? The kinds
that when you go to shake their hand they crush
it to bits until you hear bones crack? Do they do
this on purpose? Do they stay up late at night
pumping iron and squeezing tennis balls plotting
out who they plan to crush next? I don't know but
Ow. I think I need a hand cast.

Sunday, June 01, 2003

This Is Nature. It's good.

Sometimes living in a city gets me down. Not in a horrible way
just a way that makes me feel as if I've been thrown in a blender
at the end of the day. When it's been a while since I've been
out in nature, I find myself impatient and irritable. I do things
like sigh and get annoyed that a mother and small child are
holding hands and not moving faster enough on the sidewalk.
I do things like write about my gym or what bagels would say
if they could talk (see below). Luckily, thanks to a white AVIS
car rental, E and I escaped this weekend towards all things

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