Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Car Salesmen-They Are Who You Think They Are

Recently I had the not so much pleasure of being
smushed next to two car sales men on a plane ride
to Florida. They had Chicago accents (da bears)
and each wore a pair of tight, satin, black pants
with tight, silver unbuttoned shirts exposing plenty
of gold jewelry. When they first sat down they stared
at my chest and said, 'Well lucky us! Sitting next to
the cutest gal on the plane!' to which I ignored them
and kept my face buried in my book. 'I guess she
didn't hear me.' one whispered loudly to the other.

For most the ride they exchanged photos of cars.
After that they exchanged sales conference gossip
about guys named Jimbo and Dale. After a few drinks
each shared a story ending in the phrase 'then I got
her from behind!' followed by an explosion of creepy

At one point one guy nudged the other when the TV
above showed footage of the mass destruction of
Hussein's palace. 'What an idiot, huh? Look at
everything he gave up...and just for being a pussy.'


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