Thursday, June 19, 2003

It’s Raining (Again)

On rainy days I think about art. Today I am dreaming of sunny
San Diego and am thinking about how I’ve never been there. If
I had a million bucks I would go for the weekend and check out
one of my favorite artists Andy Goldsworthy currently showing at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Also on the brain is the work of Andrea Zittel I recently caught a PBS biography on Andrea that was very good. Part of the biography featured Andrea in her studio home in Brooklyn which I’ve had the pleasure of visiting a few times. Andrea works in themes. One summer she raised chickens. Another time she wore only smocks. For one month she drank out of glass bowls.
Strange-yes but I am inspired by Andrea’s confidence to jump from interest to interest with no regrets. She seems only able to do this because she produces something of substance before moving to the next.

Ok. Now back to replacing the toner in the office fax machine.


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