Sunday, July 20, 2003

Don't Tap The Waitress-Trust Me

I am looking for a job. I woke up this morning with those
Sunday blahs thinking of Monday when everyone will be
off to work and I will be who knows whating. Watching
Dr. Phil? Not really. Maybe. Sometimes I stress myself
out until an emotional paralysis where I start thinking
of all the money I owe to people, etc. This is not helpful.

I cater to earn extra cash sometimes. I recently worked
some model party where I carried around trays decorated
with the heads of sunflowers. When people talked over
the booming music, they would grab a chicken skewer off
my tray and stab it into the eye of the sunflower thinking
it was a dip. Are these people for real??? I must have
had this conversation 10,000 times that night:

(screaming over music)
"What is this??"
"Chicken skewers"
"Chicken skewers"
(person turns to friend confused)
friend says, '"What are they?"
"Oh wow- thanks" -person turns to
friend, "They are chicken skewers"

This exhange takes place over 3-4 minutes over and
over again. On my way back to the kitchen with an
empty tray with only the sunflower decoration on it,
people would jab me in the side or tap me too hard
on the shoulder saying,

'Excuse me Miss? What is that? I'd like some?' to which
I'd say, 'Actually, it's nothing. It's a sunflower decoration.
I am heading to the kitchen to get more food.'

My tray is heavy. I want to go home.


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