Sunday, July 13, 2003


I am back from Spain. I ate Manchego cheese. I ate pony
meat, oysters and olives stuffed with anchovies. I saw a
bullfight (more writing and photos to come from that!). I
stayed out until three in the morning drinking Cava. I dove
off a boat with a snorkel and mask into the Mediterranean
Sea. I felt like a Bond girl. Now this Bond girl is back in
Brooklyn hanging up her bikini and looking for a new job.

Returning home I feel so rejuvenated. People in Europe
reminded me that living life to the fullest is the way to go.
Live it large but simple. In Europe people take naps. They
snack-don't stuff themselves. Shop keepers close from two
to four every day and people just deal. Can you imagine
Crate and Barrel shutting down for two hours mid-day??!
It would be all over the news--flocks of hysterical New
Yorkers unable to buy their pre-packaged Mediterranean
cheese straws and lobster pot trivets for their upcoming
parties in the Hamptons.

In the meantime it's 5am and I am wide awake.
Donde esta me cafe con leche por favor?


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