Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Not Going Out Like That

The day I die let's hope it's not working a catering
gig serving a buffet style meal at the Mayor's office.
That was where I was today when someone opened
fire and shot Councilman Davis.

I should clarify that I was in the courthouse adjacent
to the Mayor's Office where the shooting took place.
Our dining room looked into the giant windows of
where everything went down. It was still scary because
we were not allowed to leave the building for a couple
of hours. At one point police were told a gunman was
loose in our building which made everyone panic and
stern police to yell, "I said get away from those windows

Our building was sealed off -giant wooden doors shut,
bullet proof glass down, officers running everywhere,
people being shuffled into rooms.

Emergencies bring out the most eclectic behaviors.
There were those that thought it was a good time
to revisit the tragedy of September 11th by sharing
stories. There were those that ran to the kitchen to
grab extra rolls afraid we would be trapped there all
night with no food. There were those that called loved
ones and those that were from other countries saying
this was nothing. Try growing up in South Africa.

In the middle of all the mess, one of the gay waiters
I worked with began changing out of his all black
catering uniform and into his bright colored blue and
yellow t-shirt and green sneakers. "Fuck it," he said.
"If I'm going to die honey, trust me it's not going to
be wearing all black."


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