Monday, July 14, 2003

PMS'ing At The Miro Museum

We went to the Miro museum. Every day I said, 'Wanna go
to the Miro museum today? Huh? Huh?' or 'What about now?
Wanna go to the Miro museum now?' Boy oh boy did I want
to really go to that Miro museum! Finally the day came. It
was 10,000 degrees out and we had to hike a giant mountain
to get there. I rested 75 times up the hill totally out of breath.
At one point I burst into tears dehydrated, hungry and PMS'ing
saying, 'WHY ARE WE DOING THIS!!!'

To all the boyfriends out there that deal with their PMS'ing
gals may I say on behalf of all of us-we are truly very sorry.
Aside from my meltdown and a watery, smelly, overpriced
tuna salad from the museum cafe-it was great.

Some think Miro is a simpleton of sorts but I don't. Stand
under his piece Tapis de la Fundacio a massive, Miro painting
in the form of a tapestry/rug and tell me you don't feel
humble. A painting turned into a rug? That's like my
writing turned into a painting or a song turned into
a Jello mold. Ok. Maybe not a Jello mold but still.

Miro had his first solo show in 1918. His style had not yet
developed. He was still using the Cubist style of others like
Cezanne, etc. Miro hit his stride in the early 1930's. Trust
me that any deadline phobic writer you meet would be quite
inspired to hear that even Miro took twelve years to hit his

Miro says, "I feel that realism, a certain type of realism in
any art is an excellent way of overcoming dispair".

In regards to writers that inspire me by using humor as
an artistic outlet for expressing difficult situations- I'd
say he's right.


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