Friday, August 15, 2003

Black Out

Things bought during black out:
5 white candles, 2 bags of Salt n' Vinegar chips (??!)
Bread, Peanut butter, 1 Orange/Pineapple drink

Things consumed during black out:

Fresh goat cheese, Lard bread, Wheat bread & peanut butter
Water, 1 Vodka & Orange/Pineapple drink, 1 Margarita on the
rocks with salt, 1 Corona with lime (would have had more drinks
but ATM was down), 1 box of Good N' Plenty

People Hung Out With During Black Out:

Rockin' 3 limit margarita drinkin' Julie
Devoted bridge climbing, must get home to walk Coco Amy
Bummed locked himself out of his brother's apartment Adam
'The stars will look great tonight' surfer type hitting on us guy
Belting tunes w/guitar but not in annoying way blond guy at bar
Green google wearing 7 yr old, "La Cucaracha" singing neighbor Emmett

Things I Thought About During Black Out:

How is Bloomberg going to make this all about him and how he
saved all of New York yet again in a time of crisis?
Who can I borrow money from if this black out continues?
Why is my man not coming home to join me tonight?
Will the feta cheese I just bought go bad?
Why are there so many sirens and constant fire alarms?
Wow-there are many drunk guys walking around my neighborhood.

Animals I Hung Out With During Black Out:
Snot nosed, snorting pug dog drinking water from a shot glass
Fluffy the fluff dog on a leash running to and fro
Two dogs wearing green light sticks around their necks


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