Friday, August 01, 2003

Dog People

Dog people are people aren't they?
I mean no offense but does this make me a
cat person and if so what does that really mean?

I just returned with Jane the cat from the animal
clinic in Brooklyn. The lobby was overrun with dog
people with their French bull dogs and pure bread
whatevers. I kid you not when I say that people
were holding hands with their poodles and reading
New York magazine to their pugs. One dog person
said to another, "Alaskan Malmute double coated
breed, right?" while shooting finger guns. "Yeah...
of Kotzebue decent." said the other smugly.

What are you people talking about? And why does
everyone in this B&B style decorated lobby need
to hear where your dog goes to doggie day care?

Jane and I felt like a couple of rebels. We almost
opened a six pack. At one point a chick with funky
glasses and a Kate Spade leash for her rat of a
dog looked over sadly at my cat carrier as if cats
were 'so last year'.

'Cat huh?'
'She doesn't seem pleased to be here.'

I wanted to warn her to stay away because I'd just rescued
Jane from a flea infested dumpster in the Bronx but instead
I said,

' She really isn't.'


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