Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Signs Your Child May Have Some Emotional
Troubles Worth Checking Out

(excerpts taken from my actual Q & A kid's book
titled 'What I'm Thinking and Why'):

Q: What object would you like to be and why?
A: Dice. Because they are always lost.

Q: Do you ever show off? Why?
A: Yes. Because it feels very good. People listen to me.

Q: If you were on a boat, where would you go, who
would you invite and why?
A: I would sail to China. I would have a party and
invite a nice dolphin aboard.

Q: Make A List of 5 things you don't understand.
1. People in my class at school
2. Homework
3. Mrs. Wiltse (Science teacher)
4. Mrs. Leaden (Math teacher)
5. Mrs. Williamson (Spelling teacher)


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