Friday, September 05, 2003

Dirty Stankin' New York-You Too
Can Make A Difference

Every day I walk past a giant pile of garbage
exploded all over the street near my house.
It is close to the subway and there is broken
glass, soda cans, wet newspaper, a dirty
yellow shirt, a brown stuffed animal bear
with no eyes, etc. Each day I pass this junk
hole and think 'What the fuck New York???'

Tomorrow I am going over to this hell hole with
a pair of gloves and a couple of plastic bags to
clean this up. Why? To win a community lame-o
brown noser award? No. Because I am a human
being with two arms and legs and am capable
of picking up garbage even if it is not mine.

I grew up in a small town by the beach. All of
the people I grew up with pitched in and did
beach clean ups on a regular basis. I believe
that a community is not a community if you
don't give back in some way even if it means
picking up some guys dirty underwear.

Well...maybe I can leave the underwear.


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