Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Informational Interview

Yesterday I went in for an informational interview
with a man pretty famous in his field. He is known
in TV circles as someone who tells it like it is-good
or bad.

I went into the interview with the mind set that
going back to work in the world of TV was my
dying passion. Somebody important told me
that once. Convince yourself of something until
you believe it.

Within five minutes of talking, the man said, "As
you may heard of, I like to cut through the bullshit
and tell people what I really think. So here it is-
you strike me as someone who has a talent in
many things but you are not focusing on what
you really want to do. Forget all this TV bullshit,
what do you really want to do?"

Me: (Pause. Sigh. ...don't say it...) "Write"

Him: "There you go. It's that simple."

Me: "Not really. I need to make money. I'm not
interested in writing TV scripts-comedy writing or
promos-I'm not good at it. Just the way I'm not
a poet. It's a certain talent. I need to find a balance
between a day job and writing on the side."

Him: "Fine-you don't want to write comedy-but it's
this simple-writers write. I once had a meeting with
Ted Turner. On his desk was a plaque that read,
"Lead, Follow or Get Left Behind". You need to make
a choice. You seem a little spoiled. If you really want
to write then go get a bullshit receptionist job and
stop worrying about what other people think. And
write! Look at the woman who wrote Seabiscuit.
She had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and it took
her eleven years to finish it. You need to bite
the bullet and make a decision NOW-otherwise
you will end up my age with a really cool blog."


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