Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Men-They Like To Shake It Up

Driving home with three dudes back from
Maine is an interesting experience. Aside
from the predictable goings on one might
expect from such a car ride: sports radio,
sports talk, burping, endless pretzel rod
munching, etc. there were also a few

First I must tell you, despite my desperate
pleas and 'oh look! baseball cards!' false
attempts to get them to stop at one of the
10,000 amazing looking Yard Sales we passed
along the way-it didn't happen. Due to "bad
traffic ahead" I was told we have "no time" for
Yard Sales because we must plunge forth like
Labor Day traffic warriors until we reached
out final destination. No ifs. No ands. No buts.

Suddenly while dozing off I hear the following
words actually uttered: "Hey Tom, mind if we
stop off at the Shaker village gift shop if it's

Um...Shaker Village? As in Shakers like Quakers?
People that don't marry and weave baskets and
make candles and live off the land and pray a lot
to God? (don't quote me on this) I mean don't
get me wrong - I'm a girl that appreciates a good
Shaker village experience now and again but I can
hardly say this is what I expected.

For the record I'd just like to say that those three
guys spent more time in the Shaker Village gift
shop- smelling honey comb soaps, picking up
hand made candles and running their hands over
hand knit scarves then I did. And for what it's
worth-that's a good thing.


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