Thursday, September 18, 2003

A Reading

Tonight I went to a reading of a famous author.
He is a somewhat new author and youngish one.
When he got to the stage he said, "Can I get
some water up here?" No please or thank you.
If it were me, the new author, the young author
about to start a reading-trust me when I tell you
this would not be my opening line.

At one time I had a weekly column in my university
paper. It was kinda popular I have to say (toot toot)
It was not unlike my blog in style-blathering on and
on about the everything nothing in my life. One time
I was asked to give a reading in front of a giant room
of people. There were a lot of mirrors and people
sitting cross-legged listening. I wore a purple shirt
and jeans. When I got to the mike I turned bright
red with embarassment. My opening line to the
audience was, "Hi. Forgive me if I turn the color
of my shirt." I guess we all can panic.


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