Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Work Spam

So when I get email spam that is titled,
"Wanna Get PAID to PAR-TAY???!!!"
what exactly do you think this would

a.) Paid to remove some item of clothing?

b.) Paid to make small talk with people in a stuffy room?

c.) Paid to get drunk and embarrass myself in front of my
'co-workers' who I could only assume were other people
that responded to the "PAID to PAR-TAY" ad ?

d.) Paid to wash a million dishes and throw away
empty beer bottles?

e.) Paid to wear a lampshade on my head?

f.) Paid to have a drunken, mascara running fight with
my boyfriend?

g.) Paid to set out a bunch of food and get nervous no
one will show?

h.) Paid to bear hug someone I just met and say,
"I love you man!"


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