Sunday, November 02, 2003

Sweet Grace Where Have You Gone

I am not feeling very graceful lately. Not as in spaz-
knocking over things but rather not sharp and funny.
In all fairness I have a nasty head cold. I feel as if
I am in a complete and total fog most of the time.
I have also gone through 10.7 million tissues in
three days.

Things I do when I'm getting a cold:

-Let me hair go wild-my hair is actually super wavy
if I don't blow dry it. When this occurs I resemble
the woman in the top photo below but seven times
worse. I know how crazy it looks because when
people talk to me they keep staring up at my
crazy wild hair.

-I rent trashy DVDs of every kind and allow myself
to watch 7 hours straight of TV without even feeling

-I purchase mini tissue packs-you know the kind.
The ones your grandmother carried in her purse.

-I eat comfort food like mac and cheese and soup
and toasted rice cakes with peanut butter

-I slam doors shut, the toilet seat down, I stomp
and sigh

-I put on cozy pants and two shirts and a wool
sweater and a scarf and then within seconds I
whip it all off and put on a tank top and skirt and
flip flops complaining how it's boiling hot in here
and why do we have the windows shut.

I also get very grouchy.


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