Monday, December 08, 2003

Topics Suggested, Explored Further

Topic Suggestion #3-Why it is that after you get
married, you have a group of friends that just stop
talking to you...???

More Than Donuts used to be married. Yeah-so what.
Anyway, the reasons why people stop talking to you
when you get married are the following:

-They assume that you and your partner are watching
'Friends' or shopping for things at Crate & Barrell

-They assume that when they ask you to join them
for a number of pints like the good old days when
one, two or more of you would wake up on the curb
they will be met with a phrase similar to one like,
'Oh...sorry. (insert name of boyfriend/girlfriend)'s
mom is in town. We are heading to The Jewish

-Because they don't want to hear the two of you
either tell endless stories about how great the other
person is or to listen to you two fight like chickens.

That's why.


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