Friday, January 09, 2004

Gotta Love Craigslist

So my company idea is SLOWLY and I mean
slowly getting off the ground. Not in a bad
way. Just a way that means I need to take
up some side work (a lot) in order to make
this really happen. It's all good. And worth it.

This morning while scanning Craigslist for
work this is what I found:

Women to Socialize at Business Event

Well spoken, composed women needed to mix
with business men at a party. You will be expected
to converse and hang out for a few hours at a party
in a lovely apt on the upper east side. The party guests
are extremely powerful, wealthy business men who are
here for a good time and absolutely NO sex, touching,
or over-drinking. You will need to dress and act

Compensation: $50, and gourmet dinner with wines

Huh. I've been to parties like this before. Except I
said, 'This party blows let's get outta here.' Nor did
I receive $50.


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