Friday, January 09, 2004

Moby's Tea Shop

Today two friends stood me up at Moby's
tea shop. I wouldn't be within miles of Moby's
tea shop unless to meet these two friends-
friends of Moby-at Moby's tea shop.

I got a scone and a small pot of English tea.
While waiting I was asked to move to two different
tables to make room for the other people meeting
their friends-friends that showed up. The waiter
was nice. I think he felt sorry for me. He kept
asking if I was still waiting for 'my friends' to
show. Yes. I think so I said.

There was a man in there-a man that did not
belong in Moby's tea shop. He had giant, extending
elbows that kept poking me in the ribs. He had a
long foot that kept kicking me by mistake from
under the table. He was blathering loudly on his
phone saying, "Sorry. I'm in a loud restaurant."

When I was done I paid my bill of $6.52 for a scone
and a pot of tea. I walked out into the freezing cold.
A draft down below alerted me to the fact that my
zipper was open the whole time.


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