Wednesday, January 28, 2004


I never thought I'd be one of those chicks
that wears the same damn thing ever night
to bed because it's freezing and frankly I
don't care. But I am. I am that chick. My
particular outfit consists of an oversized
gray fleece hooded sweatshirt I was given
about ten years ago, blue running pants
(who me? run?) with a white stripe down
the side and oversized dude's socks. No
need for them to match either. My latest
addition to this sexy ensemble is on the
really, really cold nights I walk around the
house with a blue fleece throw blanket
wrapped around my waist. Wow.

For the record it's not like I'm wearing this
but ok...technically at my age and 'status'
I should be wearing something with a name
like corset-inspired babydoll right?

This topic makes me think of my grandmother.
She was a very glam woman at my age. Even
when she was older I recall going to wake her
up in her bedroom and she was always wearing
honey colored silk pajamas, fuzzy heeled slippers
by the bed, earrings, a silk eye mask and not a
hair out of place. It was like the woman had just
returned from the Oscars-but in her pajamas.

Perhaps it's time for a sleepwear makeover.


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