Friday, January 23, 2004

So That Is Who Answers Those Ads

Last night I met a girl who said she has the
best apartment deal in Manhattan. I couldn't
help but pry, "Oh yeah? Why is that?" She
went on to tell me that she inhabits a place
in Gramercy Park for $375 a month. Excuse
me???!! I asked while choking on my drink.

Her: "Yeah. I answered an ad on Craigslist.
A thirty-four year old wall street exec seeking
live-in, non-smoking female for light chores.
Cheap rent, own room and grocery allowance

Me: "Do you have to sleep with the guy?"

Her: (shocked) "Not at all! In fact I just iron
his shirts and do some light dusting. He works
late every night. In the morning he asks that I
make some coffee and pour him some juice.
I offer to make eggs or something but he never
wants it. I'm really chatty when I first wake up
but he's not a real big morning person."

Me: "And how is the grocery allowance working
for you?"

Her: "Two words: Fresh Direct"


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