Friday, February 13, 2004

Internet Friends-They Are Who You
Think They Are

More and more these days those in my social circles
are meeting in person for the first time people they
know only from the internet. It sounds spooky right?
It is and it's not. These are not dating web sites in
which we all know one another from. We 'know' one
another from blogs, fotologs and frankly...our love
for kittens. Ok. Not kittens.

Take for example our new once 'internet only' friend
and now our 'real life in person' friend V+. Recently
V+ was in NYC on biz and met a bunch of us for
drinks. It was very nice to meet him and we were
all relieved to find out he was not a spooky old man
with an ant farm collection but rather just...V+
the guy we 'know' from his internet writing and

V+ was also on his corporate company dime
and was kind enough to buy us many rounds
of drinks. While we may feel like we know V+
now let's hope his employer isn't questioning
the man they hired-this very same man-V+
that according to his petty cash receipts drank
79 drinks in one night on a biz trip to NYC
and took a stretch white limo home.


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