Wednesday, February 04, 2004

My So Called Strange Life

My life works in very STRANGE STRANGE ways.
A friend knowing I'm always looking to earn a
little extra cash forwarded me info on a last
minute casting call today for a DOVE commerical
with the need for a girl between 25-45 with long
dark hair-no models no actors. Um. Ok. I called
over before I went to be sure it wasn't a joke or
that I needed a resume of commerical experience
or god forbid a headshot. This is New York after

I arrived at the studio. When I first walked in a
guy at the front desk looked me up and down
and said, "Here for the casting?" I scanned the
room. It was full of dark haired girls between
the ages of 25-45 brushing their hair, putting
on lipstick and comparing other gigs. I filled
out some paperwork and he took a Polaroid
of me which he stapled to my form before it
was even developed. Damn I wish I had a copy.

After I handed in my 'paperwork' I waited on a
bench among the other girls. I smiled at them
but they ignored me so I decided to play bitchy
model back. I read my paper. I ate a bagel. If
I had cigarettes I would have smoked them.

A small man entered the room and called out
names one by one. I was actually fourth on
the list so it went faster than I thought. When
I walked into the room I was asked to stand
on a piece of red tape on the carpet while the
man asked me basic questions while filming.
Where I grew up. What do I do for a living,
etc. Since this is for a hair commercial he
asked me to toss my hair from side to side.
Toss. Toss. This is totally wierd. Toss. Toss.
I can't believe I am here doing this right now.
Toss. Toss.

When we were done he said,"Great! Thanks
so much. You really are perfect for this. We'll
know in the next day or so." Door shuts.

While I'm sure he says that to all the Dove
girls it still was another day in my surreal
life. It really was.


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