Thursday, March 04, 2004


Hi. I should be blogging. Yes I know. Instead I've been
hired as a wardrobe stylist for like...ten million bucks
this week for a commercial in the making. Ok. Not
ten million but good money. If this blog makes zero
sense it is because I have had only about 5 hrs sleep
per night having worked crazy hours complete with
6am call times.

It's funny-me the wardrobe stylist. I feel kind of kick ass
I have to say. I have a whole closet at my disposal full of
bags and hats and shoes and belts and jackets and an
ironing board and multiple lint roll brushes and drawers
full of safety pins. I gab with the awesome make up
artist who tells me gossip about famous stars and that
Diane Sawyer is really as nice in person as she appears
to be on TV. I have a company gold credit card. My job
is to get direction from the Producer like 'That 70's Show
meets Paul Frank' and off I go with my credit card and
an iced coffee and hit store after store after store. I
carry a pocket full of heads shots and measurements
and then I huff it back to the set with a million bags
to iron for hours and prepare to 'dress the talent'.

Dressing the talent is funny. The girls always say,
'I can do it!' regarding putting their own shirts on over
their heads without getting makeup on their clothes
but this never works. They always mess up. We
change shirts and start again. The guys on the
other hand take direction well. When you hold
their T-shirt out for them they sort of dive in with
gusto as if they are going head first into a
swimming pool.

There is no ending to this blog because I am tired.


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