Saturday, March 20, 2004

My Surreal Night At Macy's Department Store

The other night I had only one hour to cover a lot
of ground for my wardrobe stylist job buying clothes
for the next morning’s 7am shoot. Because I was so
pressed for time and could not afford to run all over
town I decided to hit the place I often try to avoid at
all costs-Macy’s.

I found most of the items on my list pretty quickly
and with only a few more things left to pick up I
headed to the sixth floor. Holding five giant shopping
bags and two pairs of women’s jeans on hangers I
boarded the escalator.

When I reached the top all of the sudden I was
bombarded with flashing strobe lights, screaming
girls and thumping music. Momentarily stunned I
quickly stepped off the escalator and scooted over
to the side by the freight elevator entrance. After
getting my bearings I realized that somehow I had
walked into what appeared to be the runway show
for Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring 2004 line featuring the
model Carol Alt, Bachelorette ‘stars’ Meredith Phillps
and Ian McKee and Ex-‘N Sync members Lance Bass
and Joey Fatone.

The whole thing was very surreal. I didn’t see any
other shoppers and people dressed to the nines
were drinking champagne off of silver trays and
looking at me like, “Who invited the women with
five giant shopping bags and two pairs of women's
jeans on a hanger?”

Before I knew it there was a lot of clapping and
someone yelled, ‘We love you Tommy!’. I looked
around for a quick escape.

All of the sudden a group of large body guards
started to escort both Lance Bass and Joey Fatone
right towards me heading towards the freight
elevator where I was standing. When Joey was
about a foot away from me out of nowhere a
small hysterical teenage girl standing behind
me yelled out with a heavy Brooklyn accent,

“JOEY! I love ya new radio show! Ya radio show
-is AWESOME!!!”

Joey Fatone looked up. Instead of making eye
contact with the screaming girl he looked directly
at me. His face changed expressions and with a
sensitive look and 'bedroom' eyes he pointed his
finger at me and said, "Thanks hon. That really
means a lot." He winked and walked off.

Um. For the record...I have never heard Joey
Fatone's radio show and nor do I think I would
ever like it.


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