Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Librarians-What They Are Really

Yesterday morning I rode the subway
and it was early and I was tired and
grumpy and all of the sudden three
women get on the train and they are
very, VERY loud. As they walked closer
to me and heads turned at these three
very, VERY loud annoying women I came
to find out after eavesdropping that
they were....librarians.

One turns to the other,

"So I said to him that is almost as
bad as the time I lost my Library of
Congress pass!!!"

(insert shrieks of high pitched
librarian laughter)

It really isn't fair of me to
stereotype. I mean...what if you are
a librarian that likes heavy metal,
folding the corner of your book page
or putting books back in the wrong
place? I know not every librarian
is the same but still.

" I have a good for you
ladies..." one of the three says,

"Knock Knock"
"Who's there?"
"Rita who?"
"Rita good book lately?"

(insert shrieks of high pitched
librarian laughter)

Looking around after her hysterically
loud joke the one librarian finally
whispered something,

"What is wrong with these people?
Only half of them are reading a
book while the other half are
picking their noses..."


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