Thursday, September 16, 2004


Dear Jane-our cat,

You are cute and you are fuzzy. It is 4:25am in the morning and for some reason I can not sleep. Things are brewing in my head and my stomach is doing flips. Being up late at night can feel so lonely sometimes. But no! Thanks to you it is not. You are sitting one inch-not even-from the keyboard as I type this. And while most times that is very annoying right now it is not.

You are sitting in a funny pose, like a dude watching Monday night football with a big belly hanging out with a remote in hand. Your ears perk up when trucks drive past acting as if for a moment they might stop and drop off a giant delivery of FREE CAT FOOD at 4:25am just for you! Yes you! You are like yuppies waiting for their
Fresh Direct. Currently you are staring blankly at the bright computer screen in the dark while I type. Hey, are you reading this?

I want to thank you for being so badass. You are not one of those cats that is too cute-ok maybe you are-but perhaps what I mean is dumb. You don't always need me as I don't always need you. If I am gone for a day or two when I return it brings
me joy to see you pretend you are pissed but still can't help purring and rubbing against me. Even on my bad days you let me come home and pick you up and spin you around and dance with you in my arms singing songs that make no sense such as, 'she likesssss it...she likessss it....' even though that may not be true.

Before you I'm not sure I was ever a cat person.
Often I am glad you are not a kid.


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