Sunday, September 12, 2004


This week I had the pleasure of celebrating and mourning the move of one of my best friends, B out of NYC. While I am so thrilled for her the selfish side of me will miss having her around. She is pregnant with twins and it’s wild how fast our lives seem to be moving-in a good way.

All week I kept drafting a goodbye letter that could never seem to happen. Rushing out of work to head to the restaurant I decided I’d write the letter on the subway. On the subway I took out the stationary only to realize I didn’t have a pen. Anyone that knows me knows that I always have a pen (or 20) in my bag. Finally I sealed up the blank piece of stationary and put it in it's blank envelope and gave it to her. The obvious symbolism being I couldn’t say goodbye because it wasn’t.

B looked great. Dressed all in black with a fantastic chunky red necklace, long beautiful hair and a beautiful bulging belly. When people say pregnant woman have a glow I now know what they mean.

I think B had a great last night in New York. Our other best friend Pita joined too and we had a fantastic meal at 71 Clinton Fresh Food B had a $200 gift certificate and in typical generous fashion she shared it with us. I'd say she left New York with a bang.

At dinner we talked about college and guys and work and life and goals and even how one breastfeeds twins in something called a ‘football hold’ which sounds quite challenging and aggressive. Each of us took turns getting teary throughout the dinner. I forgot my camera. Anyone that knows me knows I always bring my camera.

The highlight of the night may have been when B took out her wallet, turned it over, dumped out it's contents and distributed among Pita and I:

-25 Metrocards
-Duane Reade Phamramcy discount card
-Membership to the Met
-Membership to the NY Public Library
-2 Macy's Bridal registry cards with a few bucks left over on them

When B and Pita got into a cab and took off into the night I think I finally let it all out. I made a teary call to E.

E: How was your night?
Me: It...(sob)...was...really...(sob)...nice.
E: You ok??
Me: (sob)

To calm down I rattled off to him, course by course, ingredient by ingredient what I had off the menu.


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