Wednesday, May 04, 2005


So remember my previous bitching about how I’d never in a million years blog about my wedding plans? Well yeah. Whatever.

So here is a little piece of Brooklyn real estate info for ya:

If you are looking to get married in DUMBO Brooklyn you have two park options:

The BIG BEAUTIFUL NEWLY RENOVATED Empire Fulton Ferry Park. (state park) Unfortunately, no piece of beautiful Brooklyn property comes without a price:

$1000 for ceremony up to 100 people for 90 minutes
$150 for no more than 15 chairs
$150 amplified sound fee
$25 lawn permit fee
$100 photography fee
$25 photography fee permit
$1450 Total

For a ceremony that is sure to last all of 15 minutes the above fees seem silly.

Option B however is the Brooklyn Bridge Park (city park)...$25 fee.

Sure it has a loud train overhead and a playground in the middle of it shaped like a pirate’s ship but whatever. Instead of I do perhaps E and I can respond with, “Arrr! Matie!!”

My favorite part of this whole process is my most recent conversation with the City Parks woman named Moniqua who despite the bureaucracy of her office has been quite kind and helpful.

K: If we rent the playground…I mean park to get married do we get the whole area?
M: Oh. You have to call the Park Manager about that. She'll give you a diaphragm.
K: Excuse me?
M: A diaphragm. Don't forget to ask her to give you a diaphragm...of the park.
K: Ok. Well great. I'll be sure to ask.


At 11:05 PM, Blogger Race Bannon said...

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At 11:07 PM, Blogger Race Bannon said...

Holy Cow!!!
Look at the size of that Diaphragm!!!!
Its Huge!!

Who knew Brooklyn parks were so eh

Based on the prices is this the differance between a "hi class call park" and your "off the corner park."

Great story we wont hold it against you if you change your "Offfical Donut Policy"

LMAO...every entry thanks

At 9:22 AM, Blogger alexandra said...

i wonder if after she hung up the phone she thought, "hell, i just said diaphragm instead of diagram."


ps - really enjoy your blog!


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