Saturday, June 11, 2005


I wrote and helped produce my very fist promo that played on TV this week. The promo is titled, 'Gay Boyfriend' and is about how chicks sometimes like their gay boyfriends much better than their boring straight guy boyfriends. It then goes off to list a bunch of horrific gay sterotypes about why gay guys make great friends. Welcome to TV.

I wrote the script. I helped pick the images. The music. Helped audition 'gay' voice over talent ("Can you try and sound a little bit more...'gay' on that last line? Thanks.") and helped in the edit room putting it all together. Who knew making a :30 promo would take days and days and days from creation to approval process but it does. My current goal is to write a promo a month to start building a reel. Only 7,000 more to go!

I once had a gay boyfriend. I met him when I was going to college in Virginia. He was the only cool looing dude at the frat party not smashing a beer can against his head (clue #1) or coming up to me saying something smarmy like, "You look like a 'funky' chick. What's your name?"

I met him. We hung out. After the frat party he took me back to his spotless apartment (clue #3) to make me a pot of tea (clue #4). He was an extreme mountain biker and had a great bod (clue #5). Eventually, he wrote very heartfelt letters between the long periods of time we were apart-me in England and him finishing up his degree in Physics in New York at Columbia University.

One weekend I took him out to meet my family and my parents loved him (clue #6). We enjoyed huge meals around the table. He was always the last one to come down having spent a little too much time in the bathroom getting ready (clue #7). The next day he suggested we all go ice skating together (clue #8) and as my family and I all put on our skates he vigorously headed to the middle of the pond turning tricks that could put Brian Boitano (clue #9) to shame.

Communication between us became sparce after that weekend visit. One night while enjoying a meal at Avenue A sushi with some pals I spotted him. He was sharing appetizers (clue #10) as in...putting food into the other guy's mouth and wearing a skin tight Donna Karan (clue #11) T-shirt.

Me: (jabbing my friend in the ribs) Holy crap! That's my ex-boyfriend!"
J: What?!
Me: What is he doing with that guy?!
J: giving him a bj in the restaurant.
Me: WHAT?! Is


At 1:49 PM, Blogger posthipchick said...

what is this promo for?

At 1:41 PM, Blogger jayKayEss said...

I trust you have seen this?

At 1:43 PM, Blogger man said...

You have or have not seen this. If not, enjoy.


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