Thursday, July 28, 2005


Just do yourself a favor. Don't ever go to a bar with the word 'zombie' or 'flaming' or 'tiki' in the title. Just don't. Because if you are like me, you will still be feeling the results of the festivities from the previous night. Currently it feels like an animal has crawled inside my stomach and died. Maybe a monkey.

This tiki flaming zombie place was the reunion venue last night for the Wine & Whining girls and I. As I've told you before, three of my girlfriends and I -W, D, and H decided to start a group that meets together (often at alternative apartments) once a month or so to & whine. We laugh more than we whine but still it's a great time to swap mags, eat lots of food, talk about sex, talk about our careers and try on one another's bras. Just kidding. About the swap mags.

Last night was a special reunion since we hadn't seen one another in a REALLY long time. Ok - a few weeks but still. H was just back from being in Barcelona for a month. W just got back from a photoshoot in Croatia and Italy. And D had been traveling back and forth from the Hamptons with a new guy we heard all about. Me - I just walked in from midtown Manhattan. While they all shared tales of their sexy adventures, I got to tell all about my commute to and from Penn Station each and every day at the exact same time doing the exact same thing since I last saw them. It was great.

On my walk home I ran into an old guy friend of mine from college who worked for Lucky Magazine:

K: Hey! How are you? Good to see you. Are you still at Lucky?
G: No.
K: Oh wow. Is this a good thing?
G: Yes. Things were starting to get 'unlucky' at Lucky.
G: Currently unemployed.
K: So how do you feel now? The whole summer off not working thing?
G: Lucky.


At 10:32 AM, Blogger Robert said...

hmm...the same commute every day, doing the same thing, friends having sexy adventures. sounds familiar.

At 11:15 AM, Blogger Kiki said...

I like the name wine&whine. At least you don't have to battle old folgies all scattering amongst the street trying to get to stupid EAA in small town america.

At 1:53 PM, Blogger posthipchick said...

isn't it funny how people think cities are SO BIG and yet, when you live there, you run into people constantly? i lived in LA and SF and both places felt more like small towns than the small towns i actually lived in.

At 7:08 PM, Blogger Manhattan Transfer said...

Zombie Hut is one of my lad Tennesse Whiskey's favorite bars.

At 9:11 PM, Blogger misterniceguy1960 said...

Tiki tee hee.


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