Monday, October 31, 2005


Today I escaped to lunch with an office friend and enjoyed an amazingly cheap and delicious Indian food buffet not far from where we work. The place was so mellow and nice and the smells of the various food cooking was so intense but in only the best possible way. The place was decorated with Christmas lights and the music fitting the scene. A giant TV playing Bollywood movies was hanging from the wall. We sat down to share a table with a guy sitting by himself.

Me: Mind if we sit here?
G: (pause looking at me) No...not at all.

I sit down and start talking to my friend and the guy is staring over at me. Not in a bad way just in a 'I know you from somewhere' kind of way. Finally I say something,

K: Hi. Good to see you.
G: I'm sorry...are you....Coke girl?

he asked refering to this photo E took of me and posted on-line a while ago.

K: (laughing) Why yes...yes I am.

My co-worker gave a puzzled look and shrugged. We all went back to eating our Indian food. Welcome to New York people where it's a small world after all.

Sunday, October 30, 2005


This may come as a shock to you (yeah right) but sometimes I am 'behind the times'. I am not 'in the know' in the blog world as much as perhaps I could be. I am certainly not as cool as my husband that's for sure.

Just this morning to my horror I read on Gawker that fellow blogger pal Andrew Krukoff lost his job in a sort of blog related fashion. Some of you may remember me blogging about Andrew when on vacation in Mexico

Andrew - not sure if you are reading this but if you are...I wanted to share a little phrase my grandmother once wrote in a card to me during some rough times.

"You Go Girl!"

I know you are a boy and stuff but perhaps this phrase will carry you through as it did me.


Last night was my papa's bday. He is 59 going on 21. He came into the city and E and I, my stylish younger sister sporting a Sienna Miller short haircut (she is a hair stylist) and her two friends and our family friends J & J in from Virginia joined the crowd. It was a fun mix of people and a great night.

At first we were SoHo bound headed to Blue Ribbon Sushi on a Saturday night at 7:30pm (they don't take reservations). I know. What were we thinking. It was an hour and a half wait and the lobby was full of people willing to wait out the hour and a half. Not us. Instead we went around the block to Aquagrill where the only seating available was in the lounge area by the front door. An L shaped seating arrangement and a few little tiny tables close to the ground, my dad said, 'We'll take it!'

Despite sitting under intense tracklighting and eating formal meals with our plates on our laps, the food was fantastic, the wine wonderful and the company fun. My dad got shrimp cocktail which they served warm. Puzzled, my father asked our Toby Maguire lookalike waiter:

D: Excuse me, may I ask why the shrimp cocktail is warm?
W: The chef feels like it brings out the natural sweetness in the shrimp
D: Huh

Towards the end of our meal I told my sister to grab the waiter and order our pops a cake with a bday candle in. Nobody likes this tradition but at least it gave me an excuse to blame it on my sister when it came out. The whole place sang 'Happy Birthday' and my dad looked horrified. Finally payback for not letting me have Barbies as a kid.

After we got the check my sister and her two friends were off to a costume party where they were meeting up with their gay friends dressed in drag and as gondola guys. Dad jumped in a taxi to head to our family friends apartment where he was crashing for the night. Our friends J & J headed to the train station. E and I tried calling serveral of our friends with hopes of meeting up with people. It didn't happen. No one called us back. Instead we blamed each other for not having made a plan and fought and got annoyed with one another but luckily made up before bed.

Saturday, October 29, 2005


Sometimes E sits at the kitchen table and I sit in the bedroom at my desk and each of us is blogging or posting photos on our flickr and we talk to one another via IM. Can you say...Geek Fest 2005?


Last night the ladies of Wine & Whining got together. As many of you know my three girlfriends and I started a group where we get together once a month and drink wine and whine. We are all so busy and unless we do this we would hardly see one another.

Wine & Whining is great on many levels. The food - perfect chick food - hummus, pita bread, carrots, veggies, stinky yummy cheeses and many, MANY bottles of very good wine. The conversations are non-stop and range from politics and our career goals to what the hell was Britney thinking wearing that white nursing bra under that ugly zebra print tank top?

My favorite part of last night's wine & whining - aside from trying on wigs - was the realization of how comfortable we all are with one another. I mean in what other part of your day can a person be talking to you about something fairly serious and then all of the sudden mid-convo you lay down on the floor, kick your shoes off, let out a big yawn and reach over for the US Weekly on the table and yet they are not offended because they know you are listening to them.

In high school I didn't have a lot of close girlfriends. I had fantastic women in my life but I was still trying to figure out who I was and what I liked and blah blah blah. When I went to an all women's college years later I met my core group of very close girlfriends - two now living in London, one in Minneapolis, one in Chicago and one living here in New York. It wasn't until then that I realized how important it is to have these women in my life. When I got married the first time shortly out of college I think I slipped into some 'zone' where I thought my relationship was the only focus. Not that my friends weren't important but I was having a hard time finding the balance between my relationship and my friends. Lately as I consider myself older and wiser and thanks to E's support I think I have finally found a balance.

Plus I love E and everything but um...he didn't even know that Gwyneth Paltrow's pregnant.


Trying to find a home for this guy.

(BARC is full)

This cat lives down our block in an empty brownstone. He is the nicest, sweetest cat in the world. I'm guessing he was an indoor cat at some point because he is healthy and clean and sweet natured. Hoping to find him a home soon before it gets too cold. I'm willing to pay for a vet check up, shots, etc. before giving to it's new owner. If interested let me know!

Friday, October 28, 2005


Why won't that fake Brad Pitt looking guy - the one that looks like a caveman that was walking around Italy that one time - get a haricut? Has anyone showed him a photo of Brad Pitt lately?

When will US Weekly stop running that one photo of Katie Holmes preggers in that blue satin shirt at the soccer game of Tom Cruise's kid?

Am I the only woman in history that has NEVER watched an entire episode of FRIENDS all the way through?

On The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, does she really write all those goodbye letters after she fires someone or does some PA with really good penmanship?

Do I want an ipod? Because if I get one then it's inevitable that I'll be making that 'ipod face' that everyone makes on the subway no matter what age or how cool you are. That face that screams 'I'm a sullen teen tuning out the world and this song is SOOOO totally about my life'.

Can I really make a pot roast on Sunday? I finally got my Aunt's world famous pot roast recipe and I'm going to go for it. The problem is...I SUCK at cooking. The second problem is I drink too much wine while cooking and this never works out in my favor.

Are Lance Armstrong and Cheryl Crow really hosting Saturday Night Live together because if that is true I might curl up and die.

Why are pumpkins in New York $17.99 no matter what size they are? This sucks.

What happened to sweaters? You know them - long, cozy warm things often on the large size. Every shop I go in sells those mini-sweaters with cap sleeves that are cut off right under the boobs and are often made out of a material that can only be compared to fisherman netting.

And finally who watches the Bernie Mac show? Anyone?

As you can see...when I don't blog you aren't missing much.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Moms are great. They help you with anything. They help feed you when you are a child. They help dress you and take you to school. They see you through bad hairstyles and scary boyfriends. They send you emails like "I was in the store shopping and saw some slippers for you. They are in the mail." Mine even helps me blog.

I have not been in the mood for blogging lately for a few reasons. It bores me. Also - my life is hectic and annoying. 10-12 hour frantic days at work leaving me tired and barely able to feed myself much less recap it in a few short paragraphs.

So where have I been? What have I been doing? You know me. Sort of. Sometimes I have to hide or nest before I feel alive again. This morning I feel alive again. So what. It took a while.

Over the weekend I reached out to my mom in desperation.

K: Mom...I need some blogging ideas. Can I interview you for my blog?
M: I'd love to help honey but my basement if flooded.
K: Oh. Ok. No problem I understand.

That night I got the following email from Mom,

"Some possible blog ideas...

-weird costumes your mother made you for halloween when other kids were witches and bums

-pumpkin carving and roasting seeds

-storing out of season clothes in small nyc apartments and funny ways to "hide them"

-growing up with land phones and always wanting privacy for your calls and now only having cell phones and talking anywhere at any time

-the baking gene. you have it or you don't."

These days I am learning more and more about myself the older and wiser I get. Accepting that sometimes I have it and sometimes I don't.

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