Sunday, October 30, 2005


Last night was my papa's bday. He is 59 going on 21. He came into the city and E and I, my stylish younger sister sporting a Sienna Miller short haircut (she is a hair stylist) and her two friends and our family friends J & J in from Virginia joined the crowd. It was a fun mix of people and a great night.

At first we were SoHo bound headed to Blue Ribbon Sushi on a Saturday night at 7:30pm (they don't take reservations). I know. What were we thinking. It was an hour and a half wait and the lobby was full of people willing to wait out the hour and a half. Not us. Instead we went around the block to Aquagrill where the only seating available was in the lounge area by the front door. An L shaped seating arrangement and a few little tiny tables close to the ground, my dad said, 'We'll take it!'

Despite sitting under intense tracklighting and eating formal meals with our plates on our laps, the food was fantastic, the wine wonderful and the company fun. My dad got shrimp cocktail which they served warm. Puzzled, my father asked our Toby Maguire lookalike waiter:

D: Excuse me, may I ask why the shrimp cocktail is warm?
W: The chef feels like it brings out the natural sweetness in the shrimp
D: Huh

Towards the end of our meal I told my sister to grab the waiter and order our pops a cake with a bday candle in. Nobody likes this tradition but at least it gave me an excuse to blame it on my sister when it came out. The whole place sang 'Happy Birthday' and my dad looked horrified. Finally payback for not letting me have Barbies as a kid.

After we got the check my sister and her two friends were off to a costume party where they were meeting up with their gay friends dressed in drag and as gondola guys. Dad jumped in a taxi to head to our family friends apartment where he was crashing for the night. Our friends J & J headed to the train station. E and I tried calling serveral of our friends with hopes of meeting up with people. It didn't happen. No one called us back. Instead we blamed each other for not having made a plan and fought and got annoyed with one another but luckily made up before bed.


At 8:34 PM, Blogger posthipchick said...

argh, i wasn't allowed barbie dolls either. and now, i wouldn't let my kid have them either!

happy bday to your dad.


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