Sunday, October 30, 2005


This may come as a shock to you (yeah right) but sometimes I am 'behind the times'. I am not 'in the know' in the blog world as much as perhaps I could be. I am certainly not as cool as my husband that's for sure.

Just this morning to my horror I read on Gawker that fellow blogger pal Andrew Krukoff lost his job in a sort of blog related fashion. Some of you may remember me blogging about Andrew when on vacation in Mexico

Andrew - not sure if you are reading this but if you are...I wanted to share a little phrase my grandmother once wrote in a card to me during some rough times.

"You Go Girl!"

I know you are a boy and stuff but perhaps this phrase will carry you through as it did me.


At 9:34 AM, Blogger zinktuais said...

with my respects to AK, i will take the 'You Go Girl' for myself until i get a fucking job. Thank you cause that simple sentence is making my day.


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