Saturday, November 05, 2005


Today one of my best friends from England wrote an email,

"Hey...there is an open house in your neighborhood today from 12-1:30pm. I thought instead of calling you at 8am on a Saturday morning I'd write you an email. Let me know if you can check it out for us and/or take some digital pix. If not no worries. Wasn't meant to be."

My friend, her husband and child hope to relocate back to the states by December. They are trying to find an apartment while in England and finding it a very hard process despite their resonable price range. True friendship is not calling your non-kid having friend any time before 11 on a Saturday. True friendship is also hauling your non-kid having ass over on a Saturday morning to take digital pix of a place you can only one day dream of living in. But truth be told who doesn't enjoy a little open house now and again?

So what does $3,500 a month buy you in Brooklyn these days?

E and I hopped on our bikes and went to find out. When we got there E said, 'I'm not going in just so you know.' partially because he was dressed like an unshaven burglar and partially because he... well I don't know. I was just happy he watched the bikes.

The guy had a point. Perhaps I could have taken a moment to consider what I was wearing seeing as I was representing my friend, her husband and her baby. I was dressed in a moss green sweater, jeans, green clogs and my hair was in braids. I felt like an idiot when I entered the room surrounded by well dressed couples wondering who invited Joni Mitchell to the open house.

The place was HUGE. GIANT. ENORMOUS and yet still not great. Welcome to New York real estate people. It had three main rooms, a pink crappy small bath and one skinny kitchen leading to two more rooms off the back. There was also outdoor space.

Have you ever looked at an apartment for someone else? It seems a lot easier than it is. I mean my friend and I have lived on and off with one another for years but did this still qualify me to house hunt for her and her entire family? I mean it's one thing to live with your girlfriend in a five story walk up roach infested place in the East Village but times have changed. What do I know as far as how much room a baby needs? Just because I don't mind things somewhat rough around the edges doesn't mean they will. I snapped a number of digital photos and prayed for the best.

After the tour I called my friend in England and gave her the low down. She asked, "Would you live there?" I paused and truly considered my answer, "I think I would."

E and I soon hopped on our bikes again and peered in the windows of the brownstones we passed on our way home. We considered biking more but instead decided to head back to our dorm room, throw some Ramen noodles on the hot plate and call it lunch.


At 8:36 AM, Blogger Joe said...

Would you live there! Man what a pointed question! Apt. are so darn high! However nothing like they are there. Here the average is around 550.00/ month!

At 8:18 AM, Blogger alissa said...

$3500/month and THAT'S the kitchen???

Makes me feel much better about Toronto's own sky-high real estate

However, am curious to know the total square footage of the place?


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