Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Last night we carved pumpkins. I told E it would only take 15 minutes because that is the trick line I use ever time to get him to try things he doesn't want to do. 'It will just take 15 minutes...I swear." Then we have fun and he likes it.

Some kids came to the door and we didn't have any candy so E gave them some change from our gigantic change bag. Why does everyone in life have so much change? Everyone. Some put it in a cup. Some in a jar. My old coworker used to buy all of her Christmas gifts with her leftover change that she had collected over an entire year. There is so much change in our change bag despite what we gave away that we could not only buy Christmas gifts for our entire family but also put a downpayment on the brownstone down the block which is for sale.

Jane the orange tabby cat also enjoyed pumpkin carving. Having to be involved in anything family related she parked herself on the back of the seat E was sitting in and kept peeking her tiny head up to sniff and sniff the pumpkin guts.

Our verbal exchange while carving became very Montessori school teacher and student:

E: This is messy.
K: It is supposed to be.
E: This isn't turning out very well
K: There isn't a wrong way!
E: My idea is stupid
K: Let me see. Oh my god that is great!

And it was great. E 'shaved' a bird (I love birds) on his pumpkin complete with two musical notes. It was very Martha Stewart. I was so impressed.

K: Where did we get our pumpkins again?
E: From our honeymoon in Maine!
K: Oh yeah...at that little farmstand

I carved my pumpkin which like myself ended up looking just goofy and in love and happy.


At 6:19 PM, Blogger stringbeanjean said...

oh the birdy pumpkin is my favourite e.v.e.r!!

At 11:04 PM, Blogger alissa said...

Your pumpkin is adorable, but E's pumpkin is a work of friggin' art! Holy crap... the nicest pumpkin I've ever seen!

At 7:50 AM, Blogger Medjool said...

the bird pumpkin is brilliant

and goofy and in love and happy is perfect...love it


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