Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Why are people so annoying when they go to restaurants? I don't care if you are cool or nice or considerate in the real, non-restaurant world chances are even you, YOU are annoying when you go to a restaurant.

I went out to lunch recently and was reminded of the horror that is people that go to restaurants. I was a waitress. I know what it's like. People come in, you show them to their seat. You say something polite like, "It will just be a moment. Let me wipe down your table. I'll be right back." And then without fail, EVERY time...the customer says the same thing,

"Excuse me miss? Can you bring back some utensils? Thanks."

Utensils. Huh. U...t..e..nsils...OH UTENSILS! Thank you for reminding me. Utensils. Totally slipped my mind. Totally.


At 2:59 PM, Blogger stringbeanjean said...

i promise i would never do that.
i am always super polite in restaurants especially - there's so many horrid things they can do to yr dinner for a start!

At 8:02 PM, Blogger FuntimeBen said...

Utensils is a bit vague as a request... usually I ask my wait person to bring over an assortment of eating paraphernalia which I will then test to see if the fork and knife meet my face stuffing requirements... that is if I'm not screaming into my cell phone like a complete ass at the time.

I share your frustration.


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