Thursday, December 08, 2005


A day can be many things. Mine started with a seaching hand looking for my husband who is usually next to me when I open my eyes. A momentary scare. He was only on the couch reading. Not the usual early bird so I was worried. A stomach ache brought him out there. Didn't want to wake me while he tossed and turned.

A pretty normal shower although the tiled floor felt extra cold. A kitty meowed for morning grub. Nothing new there. Got dressed. Went back to talk to husband now back in bed. Most mornings I'm groping along in the dark and don't get to see him. Kitty pissed. What's with all this talking and attention towards someone else.

I opened the blinds and the front door. Husband laughed at my morning rituals he is never privy to. Told him that most mornings I feel suffocated by the heat in the apartment. Need to breath fresh cold air. Feed kitty.

Say goodbye. Husband says have a good day and that he likes my outfit. It's prob a good outfit because I finally had the light on for once getting dressed. Ha. It's hard to leave a warm home. A husband. A kitty. Cozy home.

Police car waves me across the street. I cross. Too cold to buy a paper and take my hand out of jacket. Jacket needs a cleaning. Pass guys that are in the middle of a drug exchange. $2 left on my Metrocard. Behind a dad who was concerned his daughter was bundled up enough and asks her, "Where did you get that piece of candy?"

On the train. Look out window for a while at the snow covered rooftops. See animal prints on one. A dog? A cat? How the hell did they get all the way up there? Their trail makes a giant L. Whatever happened to Laverne & Shirley? Same guy and girl on the train every morning. Guy has a cold today. I am just getting over mine.

Morning oatmeal and an OJ. To go? Yes. Every day but feel free to keep on asking.

Non-stop working and working and problems and tapes wrong and calls and things to be Fed-Ex'd overnight and calls and meetings and work stuff and work stuff. Was responsible for bringing a girl to a surprise bday gathering of cupcakes in a conference room. Brought her to the wrong place at first. Surprise. Everyone at work asking how I am feeling? People I never talk to. Must have been annoying them all this week with my non-stop hacking away.

Mom calls. Crying. Our family dog is sick. Disoriented and going blind. Tumor? Hope not. Not sure. The conversation seems surreal and unsupportive on my part as phones ring off the hook and the sound of the copier blares into my ear. People anxiously awaiting for me in a meeting.

Meeting. I am the writer. Of a script. There are revisions.

Phone call: husband calling from a meat locker in Brooklyn. Yes a meatlocker. He is shooting a photo of a comedian for a project. In a meatlocker.

E: Great news!
K: What is that?
E: A baby has been born

Welcome to the world Henry Rogers Carter to two very wonderful and loving parents.


At 2:28 AM, Blogger custerdome said...

Read this at 2.25am, listening to some Glenn Gould piano music. This post swept over me, somehow. I mean that in a good way. I loved it. Like little postcards. In a way you were rather detached, describing things in stark little postcard sized snapsots. Yet with such warmth.

You know who I am. Ha.

At 9:38 AM, Blogger jkh said...

this is one of my favorite posts of yours ever. and it's not easy to choose. the quotidian and the extraordinary, in measures both small and large. i have kept journals since i was 7, but (and i hope this isn't an embarrassment* to you) your blog always inspires me to put my personal thoughts out there, too.

*like, jennifer love hewitt telling holly hunter she's one of her role models. see what i mean?

anyway, congratulations to the parents of henry rogers carter! and you.

At 10:46 AM, Blogger KDunk said...

comments from two of my favorite people i never see enough of...this means a lot. thank you.

At 2:52 PM, Blogger aaannnaaa said...

you always point small things that in the end are the most important... ;) made me remember what it's like to live in a big city, get in the subway and bus...

At 8:19 PM, Blogger catsteevens said...

I bet Henry Rogers Carter would like to read that one day. Nice :)

At 12:03 AM, Blogger John said...

Am friends with pinkpelvis and read your blog sporadically. this post is great, esp b/c I am doing a lot of work on Joyce these days and it's so like him. (big compliment).

i miss new york.


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